Platinum Invest Holding is a company operating in the Real Estate sector since 2009.
Since its foundation, Platinum Invest Holding has grown up to be one of the most reputable real estate companies in Lebanon, offering all
different aspects in this sector:

  • Creation of the concept
  • Financial Management
  • Design of the project
  • Construction management services from launch till handing over
  • Promotion and Sales
As we succeeded in this sector our aim was to seek new opportunities and diversify our investments. Starting with real estate and development of projects, moving to hospitality, sports, oil and information technology, Platinum Invest Holding gained the trust of its customers with its top quality products and services.

Platinum Invest Holding’s main objective is to maximize shareholder’s value through its investments in different businesses. Our core field is the real estate business whether in the Lebanese market, or any other potential place around the world.

In Platinum Invest holding, we aim at growing our business and seeking opportunities in different domains, in Lebanon and around the world. We are focusing now on being one of the best and most trusted companies in the sectors we cover. Without fulfilling our customer’s needs, we won’t succeed, therefore our clients’ needs are a priority and we aim at providing them with the best services.

Our young managers have proved leadership and accountability while helping the business to grow. Their passion and their qualifications are the key for our continuous success. Transparency, integrity and consistency are their main values. Always committed to provide the best quality service, their values are the pillar to a trustworthy relationship with our clients, thus the company’s development and progress.

Our first strategy is the investment in ourselves and our potential. In fact, we are eager to learn through our growth path and mostly by focusing on our strengths while improving our weaknesses. By using these ways we understand better our business and our customers’ nuances, which will naturally lead to growth. Our employees are considered to be our number one resource. They have direct contact with our customers, so our job is to keep them motivated and invest in their talent. We always adapt our plan to smooth out our business’s inefficiencies, refine its strengths to better suit our customers. Platinum Invest Holding is opened up for potential ventures and acquisitions. We are growing leaders at all levels, and our infrastructure is up to the standards to handle the existing sectors, but also attractive growth opportunities. We are always pleased to boost emerging businesses, thus expand our operations and enter new markets.

We believe that through acquisitions and diversification strategies we will achieve our growth targets in revenue and profitability, and profitable growth is heightened when a company has a clear growth strategy and strong execution infrastructure. And this is our main concern at Platinum Invest Holding as one without the other impairs the probability of success.

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